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Asity Madagascar

Development and Environmental Law Center (DELC- Madagascar)
Contact person Rado Andriamasimanana
Phone +261 32 047 7809
Postal address PO Box 1074
Antananarivo 105
Office address LOT IIN 83 DM Analamahitsy Carrière, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Description Asity Madagascar is an association that has a mission to contribute to the maintenance of Malagasy biodiversity values by implementing conservation actions to support the livelihoods of people living in and around the natural ecosystem. This year, the BirdLife Partnership admitted Asity Madagascar as the Partner Designate NGO for Madagascar, and committed to support its development to reach full Partner status. Asity Madagascar therefore executes the conservation objectives of BirdLife International in Madagascar.
Core strengths
  • Site and Species Conservation
  • Community-based management of natural resources
  • Management and valorization of the natural resources
  • Promotion of alternative projects,
  • Capacity building and technical support of local partners,
  • Inventories of natural ecosystems in Madagascar
  • Assessment Environmental Impact
Geographical scope Country: Madagascar
Asity Madagascar works in Madagascar. It carries out its conservation activities in three priority areas, Mahavavy-Kinkony, Mangoky-Ihotry wetland complexes and Tsitongambarika forest. Mahavavy-Kinkony is located in the north-west of Madagascar, Region of Boeny; Mangoky-Ihotry in the south-west, Regions of Atsimo-andrefana and Menabe and; Tsitongambarika in the south-East, Region of Atsimo-atsinanana.