making the carbon market work for poor communities

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Contact person Gert de Gans
Phone +31 30 880 1525
Postal address P.O. Box 8190, 3503 RD Utrecht

ICCO is an interchurch organization for development cooperation. ICCO gives global financial support and advice to local organizations and networks that work for better access to basic facilities, initiating sustainable economical development and enhancing peace and democracy. We also bring together enterprising people in the Netherlands and in developing countries.

One of ICCO’s main programs is FairClimate. It aims to foster low carbon development while also generating carbon credits. These credits are sold by ICCO’s FairClimateFund to compensate for the (last part) of a carbon footprint.

Core strengths

ICCO’s FairClimateProgram approaches climate change from a true global perspective linking trajectories in the North on reducing carbon footprints with low carbon development initiatives in developing countries.

Geographical scope

ICCO works in 41 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.