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Kasalika Community Development Organisation

Kasalika Community Development Organisation
Contact person Gift C. Mwale
Phone +265 99 972 2494 / +265 88 872 2494
Email /
Postal address P/ Bag 35, Mponela. Malawi.
Office address Mponela Trading Centre, Next to MEDI offices, Along Apostolic Church Road.
Description Kasalika Community Development Organization (KACOD) is a welfare community development organisation, registered with the government of Malawi through the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional affairs. The organization aims at improving the livelihoods and food security among most vulnerable and most hardest to reach people in the rural and urban areas, targeting mostly support group members, women, young people living with HIV and AIDs (YPLHIV) and people with disability through income generating activities, primarily in the areas of Dowa, Ntchisi and Kasungu districts.
Core strengths Kasalika Community Development Organisation has a secretariat headed by the Executive Director. It has a Board of Trustees of ten members of different technical background (expertise).The organization work in collaboration of government departments, civil society organizations and several networks both nationally and internationally.
Geographical scope Malawi, Central Region.