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Sustainable Rural Community Development Organization (SURCOD)

Sustainable Rural Community Development Organization (SURCOD)
Contact person January Watchman Mvula
Phone +26 599 977 1726
Postal address BOX 45, CHIDIDI, NSANJE, MALAWI

Sustainable Rural Community Development Organization was formed on 17th May 2010 under the company Act of the Republic of Malawi Rules (cap. 5:03) with the registration number CR NO 10522.

The vision of SURCOD is a community that is empowered to advance rural initiative to access basic needs which can promote sustainable livelihood through self-reliance and community participation.

Our mission is to facilitate development based on self-dependence, self sufficiency through effective implementation, promotion and support of integrated rural development with full participation, ownership and promotion of rights based approaches of the rural communities Our goal is to promote sustainable integrated community development with the rural communities through improving food security, promotion of saving spirit, empowerment of women, promotion of education and literacy, water and sanitation, and adaptation and mitigation of climate change.

Core strengths

Our core strength is that we are an indigenous formed organization as the result we value the people. We do our business in collaboration with the rural people and we value the input from the community and we promote transparency.

Geographical scope

Currently we are working in Malawi, especially in the two Districts to the South of Malawi Nsanje and Chikhwawa.