making the carbon market work for poor communities

What is the FCN SA?

The FCN SA (Fair Climate Network Southern Africa) implements carbon projects for the sustainable development of poor communities. The network facilitates local NGOs to develop pro-poor fair climate projects.

The network is created to intensify and improve the services that are delivered to the poor. The focus is on climate change mitigation interventions, such as introducing energy efficiency and renewable energy techniques in households. Carbon credit finance can be mobilized for these pro-poor investments.

The network will meet regularly to identify and subsequently develop carbon projects.

The network consists of different organisations, such as local and international NGOs, financial institutions, church organisations, climate specialist, and research and development institutes. Each organisation plays a vital role in the lifecycle of a carbon project.

Organisation types

Organisation types

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Gold Standard (GS) projects of Nova

The Nova Institute

The Nova Institute aims to improve the quality of life of low-income households.

Nova developed a voluntary GS methodology for its Basa Magogo projects, introducing an alternative ignition technique for domestic coal fires.

The first GS projects are now registered, and several others have been listed in the GS registry.

Basa Magogo project by Nova

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