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New Carbon Team coordinator - 9 Jan 2014
Geoffrey Kiringa has been appointed as Carbon Team Coordinator for the Fair Climate Network Southern Africa. He will be responsible for the technical and capacity building services that the FCN SA Carbon Team offers. Geoffrey's is tasked to ensure there are at least 5 projects registered in the next 2 years which are covering at least 50,000 households. These projects should be in Malawi, South Africa and Madagascar.

Geoffrey will have multiple bilateral meetings with NGOs that can be project owners to unearth the capacity of individual NGO to implement a carbon project and identify potential projects.

Please do not hesitate to contact Geoffrey via if you have any questions related to the Carbon Team and its services.

Posted on 09 Jan 2014
Carbon Team coordinator recruitment
In 2011 The Nova Institute and ICCO Kerk in Actie took the initiative to set up the Fair Climate Network Southern Africa (FCN SA). A Carbon Team that will consist of carbon specialists will provide capacity building services to FCN SA members. As project developer the Carbon Team also prepares the technical documentation including PDDs to register a project with a specific carbon standard.

FCN secured funding to provide services in South Africa, Madagascar and Malawi and is in the process of recruiting a general coordinator for the Carbon Team and the FCN SA. The application period is closed.

Since its inception late 2011 FCN SA has grown to a network of 25 members, has formed a Steering Committee, has organised several capacity building workshops and has actively contributed to various conferences like COP 17 and COP18. It has a website and uses various communication media.
Posted on 13 Aug 2013

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Side event FCN SA at COP18
The Fair Climate Network Southern Africa organised a side event at COP18 in Doha:

Overcoming barriers to start pro-poor carbon projects in Africa

This event explored how the carbon market can contribute to sustainable development of poor communities in Africa. Various organisations presented how their initiatives lead to an increase in African carbon projects and how they overcome the barriers they are faced with.

If you would like to receive more information regarding this side event, please contact FCN SA via
  • Jaap de Jong - Coordinator Fair Climate Network Southern Africa
  • Chief Adam - Board Member Fairtrade Africa
  • Pieter van Midwoud - Director of Forestry Gold Standard Foundation
  • Christiaan Pauw - Carbon project developer Nova Institute
Posted on 21 Nov 2012
Climate and Carbon workshop in Madagascar.
The Fair Climate Network Southern Africa (FCN SA) organises a

Capacity building workshop
'Making the carbon market work for the poor'
13 and 14 November 2012, Antananarivo, Madagascar

The objectives of this workshop are:
  • To educate NGOs about climate change and carbon markets
  • To discuss how local communities and projects can benefit from access to carbon finance;
  • To show how NGOs can work with the Fair Climate Network Southern Africa;
  • To train NGOs on project identification;
  • To identify potential projects that can be taken further with the assistance of the FCN SA.
Workshop overview (preliminary program)

Day 1: Tuesday 13 November (8.00–17.00)
  • Climate Change. Importance of climate change for the poor in Africa, possibilities to mitigate.
  • Carbon market. The markets, how carbon trading works, principle of offsetting. Focus on the Voluntary Carbon Market, the need for standards, project types.
  • Fair Climate Network, the project cycle, financial aspects.
  • Best practice: an example of a carbon project in Madagascar.
  • Project identification. How to identify a project? What skills and expertise is needed at NGO level?
  • Break out groups: what potential do you see for projects?
Day 2: Wednesday 14 November (08.00–16.00)
  • Project cycle: How to register a project
  • Forestry projects and best practice sin Madagascar
  • Break out groups: revise and further develop most promising projects.
  • Plenary reporting from break out groups.
More information and registration
  • Organisations can register for this workshop by first sending an email to
  • The workshop will take place at Hotel COLBERT Antaninarenina in Antananarivo.
  • There is no cost to attend the workshop. Lunch, drinks and snacks  will be provided. Attendees will need to pay for their own travel and accommodation.

For more information, please contact:
Jaap de Jong,
Fanja  Randrenalijaona
Posted on 19 Oct 2012

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